Fantasy week 8: Start'em and sit'em


Here is a some nice tips if you play NFL fantasy. After first game in new week, i'm lucky man. In my roster i have Brady, Gronk, and Lewis, and together he produce 64 fantasy points. After this week i go to 8-0. But if you don't lucky like me, you can get some improvements in your team.

On the QB position can be some good pick here. If you have Rodgers or Payton Manning, then you must think about sit'em. I think that game between Packers and Broncos cant have a lot points, points and TD is important to fantasy points for QB. So sit'em both. If you have a chance to get Tylor, or McCown, or Fitzpatrick, then get in. Tylor have good performance in first 5 week, and after E.J Manuel last performance, Tylor can produce about 20 or more points this week.

If you dont have RB like Bell, Freeman, Peterson, you must understand this. For you is better to have two RB who can produce 30 points together, over you have one good RB who produce 22 points and one who get 4 points. For this week i think Hyde can get some serious number of plays, and he can go over 10 fantasy points. There is a Doug Martin from Tampa, and Abdullah from Lions and this players can be nice part of your team in this week. Sankey, Hillman, or something like can be your winning man in this week.

WR: I really believe that you all have lot of problems here this season. Beckham Jr, Bryant, Brown, etc dont have consistency in his fantasy form. If you have trouble like this, you must try get players like Marshal, Fitzgerald, Allen, who can produce between 10 and 15 points every week. If you have T.Benjamin, sit'em. Benjamin play good only if Manziel play for Browns. If you must get WR for this week, then you tray Moncrief or Boldin. You cant be wrong.

For TE this week you must search for Ladarius Green or Carinage, or something like. These players dont have everyone, like Gronkowski etc, and if you can get in your roster, you must have it.

If you wanna win Fantasy game in this Fantasy week search for Tylor, Hyde, Abdoullah, Moncrief, Green, McCown, and if you ask me, who can be suprise of the week, i tell you, Zack Mattenberg. After Mariota going out, and Mattenberg go in for Titans, Zack can show his potential in game against Texans.

If you really wanna be good Fantasy player, you must forget about have a stars in your team, and you tray to get players who can get best team overal every single week.

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