NFL Fantasy Week 8 – QB winners

Sunday night was incredible night. This week we have one unbeaten team less. Clash between Saints and Giants brought us rarely seen QB performances from both side.

1. Drew Brees (44,30 pts)

Brilliant performance against Giants brought him first place in this week NFL Fantasy. Brees completed 40-of-50 throws for 505 yards, an eye-popping seven touchdowns, one Rush yds and two Pass interception in Sunday's dramatic victory over the Giants. 

2. Eli Manning (38,00 pts)

Manning completed 30-of-41 passes for 350 yards and a career-high six touchdowns in Sunday's 52-49 loss to the Saints. This score would be enough in some other match for victory, but Brees was incredible this week.

3. Tom Brady (30,34 pts)

Brady is third due to only one reason, and that is brilliant performance by Brees and Manning. Brady completed 26 of 38 passes for 356 yards and four touchdown in Thursday's 36-7 win over the Dolphins.


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