On the 50 Madden mobile collectible


Last few week almost every Madden mobile players have a special Madden Mobile On the 50 collectible. You can't sell or buy it, and everyone player ask what this collectible means.

In the Madden 16 for console, there is a on the 50 set that when completed you get 99 Steve Young. It’s the 50th year of the Super Bowl! If you play on console, you can celebrate with Madden Ultimate Team and the NFL all year long. It’s not just about the gold 50-yard line on the field you can earn an amazing 99 OVR Super Bowl quarterback. So if you can celebrate with Madden 16, we believe it will be the same thing in Madden Mobile. Also most likely thing, they will put new Super Bowl cards in the game just like last year.


So what you can get for this card. We believe it that card can put in the set who will show after Super Bowl, and when you complete this set, you probably get Super Bowl MVP with 99 overall or you will get regular season MVP Cam Newton with 99 overall.


There is no one who know what this collectible means, but we believe it that is worth to wait and put this card in set after .

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