Madden Mobile - Campus Heroes

Few days ago, Madden Mobile release Campus Heroes set and Campus Heroes events. Most of all Madden Players don't understand how this works, and we can say this isn't like Madden 16 Campus Heroes. Btw if you play Campus Heroes events you can collect Campus Heroes gold cards you can put this cards in three packs: Campus Upgrade, Campus Legend Pack, and Campus Transfer Pack.

For Campus Upgrade you must collect 10 Campus Hero Collectible and 5 silver trophy. For Campus Legend pack you must collect 50 campus gold players, and 10 elite campus players, and for Campus transfer pack you must collect 10 gold campus players and 5 gold trophy. In Campus Legend pack you can get: Tim Tebow with 99 overall, Michael Crabtree 99 overall, Tyrann Mathieu 98 ovr, Peter Boulware and Darren McFadden with 97 ovr.

Elite Campus Heroes is: Percy Harvin, Chris Long, Eddie Lacy, Mike Evans, Taylor Mays, Blake Bortles, Devin Hester, David DeCastro, Carlos Hyde, Manti Te'o, Trae Waynes, Prince Amukamara, Jermichael Finley, Brandon Spikes and Devon Still.

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