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Ok, here is it. If you are beginner in Madden Mobile game, and you don’t know how to grown up in this game, now is time for learning some tips, who can make your overal growing up easiest.


First of all – Collecting coins

This is a first of all in Madden Mobile. If you are beginner, collecting coins is so hard, because you can’t sell bronze players, and you can't be active on market. But, game creators is thinking about this, and if you are beginners, there you must play seasonal games, which is really easy. When you play seasonal games, every win will give you 1500 coins, which is really good for your coins balance.  Of course, if you play seasonal games, you can collect achievements for beginner, and you can get bronze, silver, and gold trophies. This is really important for you, and your auction house activity. Most important things is: YOU CAN SELL every trophies, and collect coins. If you are beginner, we recommend this:  Bronze trophies sell for 1000 coins, Silver trophies sell for 2000 coins, and gold trophies, you can sell for 5000 coins..

Second thing – don’t buy bronze and silver players

As a beginner, you must think about this. You don’t need to buy bronze and silver players, because, this players growing your squad to slow, so you must buy gold players. Recently, market for gold players is acceptable. You can buy gold player who have overall between 75 and 80 for 2000 coins on buy now option in auction house.  If you have a patience, you must use auction house. When you biding for players, same players between 75 and 80 overall you can buy from 1000 to 2000 coins. Look back in first tip, and you can conclude this: If you play one season game, and collect 1500 coins, you can get one gold player. This is nice thing for you as a beginner, and this can help you to get better overall for your team.

Third thing – On witch position you must buy player first

If you have brain like Bill Belichick, this tip is not for you, but with my experience, you must think about this. First of all you must buy QB. Great player for this position if you love deep pass over the field is Zack Mattenberg. He have 75 overall and he is one of the best QB for deep pass in this category. If you don’t love deep pass, and you play slant or short pass, there is a some good QB in your price range. Second thing is to buy target for your QB. I often use my TE in a game, and this is greatest option for you. Action witch i play mostly is TE Corner, or HB Angle.

For the 3000 coins you can buy Owen Daniels who have good speed, awarness, impact and run block, and most important thing catch overall 85. For 5000 coins you can buy Jared Cook who have 82 ovr; Charles Clay, Dennis Pitta, Tyler Eiffert, and Coby Fleener who all have 80 ovr. When you buy primary QB target, then we recommend, BUY A GREAT OFFENSIVE LINE. If you have some good players in offensive line, you can get a lot of time for your QB, and time to your primary target get separation from opponents defensive line.

Four thing – forming all gold roster

When you have good QB, offensive line, TE and WR, you can buy your RB, and you wanna buy some defensive players. Statistically most players in madden mobile play run action, or deep pass action. If you know this, you know what kind of players you wanna buy in your roster. DT and DE can help your team in run defense, and CB and S can help your team against deep pass. When you have all gold players in your roster, congrats, you aren’t more Madden mobile beginner.

In next tips articles, we tell you more about Packs and Auction house.


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