Madden Mobile NFL Gauntlet Master sets and events

Madden Mobile NFL Gauntlet Master sets and events


Few days ago Madden Mobile put new players set in the game. NFL Gauntlet Event and Master set is copy/paste of Madden Mobile Domination Events and packs. Only two change is here. You can exchange events cards, and if you collect all NFL Gauntlet collectible then you can get JJ Watt with 99 overall and with +5TKL to all your players.

Trough the conversation on Twitter, and on page comments, most of Madden Mobile players says its hardest events and sets in the game. You can collect over the 200 events cards and still can't get Gronk, and now JJ Watt. So you can try.

If you wanna tray you can always use our method to How to beat Domination and get Gronk, simply because this is same event with different player.

BTW, we must say something. Manny players play this events for few months and still can't get Gronk, or now JJ Wat. But shitty programmers from EA Sports is make some really shitty things for all players. One of Domination or Gauntlet events needs 10 stamina per play.

For 20 cards you must have 200 stamina, and if you understand this, and if you understand that some players buy stamina for Madden Cash, then, like us, you can't understand how some people in the first 24 hours has get JJ Watt.

If you can't believe it, then you can go to auction and search for JJ Watt, then you will know what we wanna say here. It's really annoying for most players who spent over than 7 months to play this two events.

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