Madden Mobile Easter Events and Sets

Madden Mobile Easter Events and Sets


Yesterday EA Sports put out new events and sets for all Madden Mobile Players. It's Easter Blitz events and Easter Sets. This sets is really great especially for people who don't have many elite players in his team. So lets take some time, and read what you can do with this sets and events.

Madden Mobile Easter Blitz events

Madde Mobile Easter blitz events is a great, 2 star, events with really great rewards. First of all, for every completed events you can get coins, bronze or silver players, Easter eggs or Easter elite or gold players.

So what you can do with this rewards? simply, for all players who have overall lover than 90, you MUST collect Easter eggs, put him in Gold Easter players pack and get gold Easter players. This players now in auction house cost between 10k and 20k coins. You can sell your all Easter gold players, and go to auction house and buy regular elite players with 90+ overall for 70k or more, and this will be great addition for your team.

For everyone who have a gold players in his team, you can collect 5 Easter gold players and change it for a elite Easter players pack. In elite Easter players pack you can get some really great elite players who can improve your squad and your overall.

Madden Mobile Blitz Easter Events

What if you want collect all 10 Easter elite players and get Easter legend players?

We don't recommended that. It's so simple. For collect all 10 elite Easter players you must spend between 400k and 500k coins (example TY Jeldon worth 300k coins in auction house now), and if you can spend all this coins, then you can think about collect this coins and go to auction house and buy players what every you want.

Easter Basket pack

We open one Easter Basket pack and we aren't impressed. Lot of Easter eggs cards, and some of Easter gold players. For open this pack you need to collect 10 Easter eggs, so you can use this 10 eggs, collect 10 more and get gold Easter players. And that's what we strongly recommended.

Easter Eggs-Change

We try this few times, and this is a great thing here. You can use simply maths when you open this pack. In eggs-change pack you can get 3, 4, 5 or more rewards cards. Sometime its a gold Easter players, sometime its a silver or bronze trophy, sometime there is a coins rewards. Simply with 20 eggs you can open one gold Easter players, or you can open 10 eggs-change packs and get really great rewards. This is your choice.

Madden Mobile Easter Blitz Events Rewards

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