Madden Mobile - How to get Position Heroes Collectible

Madden Mobile - How to get Position Heroes Collectible



Manny Madden mobile players ask how to get Position Heroes Collectible Cards. First of all you can get this cards in Position Heroes events (it's really hard to get this card here). So if you want this cards in the Madden mobile have two different ways to get it.

First way is get this cards from packs. You must open lot of different packs in Madden mobile store and then you can get random Position Heroes cards. Position Heroes cards you can get in the Madden mobile Pro Pack.

Second way is better way. All Position Heroes cards is actionable, so you can buy it. Now cheapest Position Cards is cards for Deamon Harrison and this cards in auction house cost between 10k and 20k coins.

Which players is include in Position Heroes

For 8 players in Position Heroes you must collect 50 gold players, 10 elite players, 5 elite Trophy and 5 Position cards collectible. All 8 players include here is: Delanie Walker TE, Anthoni Barr LB, Chris Harris Jr. CB, Patrick Dimarco FB, Alshon Jeffery, Malcom Jenkins, Richie Incognito, and Michael Bennet. All this players is 98 overall.

For 5 players in Position Heroes you must collect almost everything like we say earlier, but there is one difference. For this 5 players you need only 3 Position Heroes collectible. This players is: Damon Harrison DT, Reshad Jones S, Mitchell Schwartz OT, Weston Richburg C, and from today Evan Mathis OG.

From today, in the Positon Heroes players you can find one player with 99 overall. This player is Marquette King P, and for this players you must collect 25 gold punters, 5 elite punters, 5 elite trophy, and 3 Position Heroes collectible.

Position Heroes players is great addition for your team. You can get players like Damon Harrison, Reshad Jones, or Michael Bennet for price between 300k and 500k.

Of course, if you have lot of coins you can always go to auction house and buy this players, but for people with low overall and who don't have lot of coins, really worth get this players trough this way.

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