Madden mobile Most Feared Set - What we get?


Last 8 days in Madden mobile you have a new sets. Below we wanna explain what you can get in this set who name is Most Feared Set.

First of all you get one gold Most feared player. This player, from today have overall 90 and over, and this player growing up your team overall. You must play live MF events. In this events you can get gold MF Key, and if you can “stop the Beast” you can get MF silver or gold MF player with overall 90 or above. Ok, what you must to do with gold key. Collect six gold key and put it in the Creature Set, and you can get silver or gold player with 90 or above overall.

Of course, if you wanna get some better player, you must open sets like a Goliath, or Bahemot Set. For Goliath Set you must collect 3 elite, 3 gold keys and 3 silver players. Here you can get gold or elite MF Player. In Bahemot set you must collect Elite Packers Key, Elite Cowboys Key, 3 gold players, and 3 silver players. In this set you get one random MF Elite player. If you unlock Haunted house, you can play Haunted house event, and collect Haunted house gear, and you can build a Beast. If you collect all Haunted gear you can get Lynch, Gronkowski, Bryant or Suggs with overall 98 and 99.

At last, we have one recommended for you. You don’t wanna sell your players, who change with silver and gold MF Players. After 20 days, we think, all silver and gold player overall going down, because of overall stay like today for silver and gold players, whole game lose his dignity. So don’t sell your player elite players, because you don’t wanna be unprepared for overall going down.

In the video bellow you can see whats happen when you open all Most Feared Sets.


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