Madden mobile: Road to Play-off and Signature pack

Two days ago, in Madden mobile update, we get some new features. There is a Road to the Play-Off and Signature packs. After this packs, we get some really good new players.

Road to Play-off sets

Every team have his MVP Players, and there is a brand new MVP Players. For collect this players, you must get two Elite Road to Play-off card, five gold Road sign card, two gold team Road to Play-off players, eight team gold players, and one team Elite player. When you collect everything what you need, you get one collectible MVP Card, and team MVP Players.

Road Master Set

Road Master Set have only one player who you can get here. Tom Brady with 96 overall, and to get Brady isn't hard really. Every one who wanna get MVP player, must play Road To Play-off events, when you play 15 this live events, you unlock Road Master event. On Road Master event, you can get Road Master collectible, and this card is hardest to get here. When you play Road to Play-off live event, three time on day, you can get gold and elite Road Sign card, this card you can use to get MVP Players. For every one MVP players, you get MVP Sign Card. Five this card you can use in Road Master set. When you collect all five, plus Road Master Collectible, everyone thing to get is 5 elite trophy, and Tom Brady is yours.

Signature Packs

Ok, we have signature pack early this season, but now everyone can get signature players, not only people who spend his money in this game. For this players you must collect five gold Road sign card, and five different elite Road sign card. In the Signature packs there is a some really great players who can improve your team overall.
Some nice tips for using this packs

At least, we need something to tell you. Ok, we know that collect cards for packs is things what every madden players like, but, if you have coin to spend to buy for five Elite Road sign pack, don't do this. For five this card, you must spend between 150000 and 250000 coins. If you go to auction house, for this coins you can buy almost any signature players and this is good things. If you wanna be more patient, you can get this players cheaply in auctions. For MVP players, you really need to get 5 players, for MVP Sing card. For this five players, if you wanna collect his, you must spend between 500000 and 1000000 coins, and here is on the market Tom Brady (we don't know how it's posible) who can get between 300000 and 600000 coins. Almost every MVP Players you can get between 100000 and 200000 coins, and we think, you really don't need collect it, when you can buy it.

And for the end, we must write this, in the last three days, i earned between 500000 and one million coins for sell my elite Road sign card. If you get Seattle or New England elite card, you can sell it for 60000 coins. This can be really nice for people who have team overall between 65 and 90. For this people we recommended this. Sell every single elite Road sign card. For everyone card who you sell, you can get two elite players for your team, if you now have gold players in your team. If you, already have elite players in your team, you can improve your overall with buying elite players on the market.

Today, for my second acc, i buy M.Kendricks MLB with 91 overall for 70000 coins, and this is really cheap. There is some great players with low cost price, and you really must pay attention for this. If you play smart, you can really fast rebuild your team.


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