Hurry up! Madden mobile Black friday is here

If you play Madden Mobile there is some great Black Friday sets and events and hes here for three days.

In the new sets and events you can grab some really nice stuff. I get one Game plans collectible, one Daily warm up collectibles, i get and about 50000 coins on Quick sell pack. And you must be here all 24 hours because sets show ans disappear in three hours.

Ok if you don't wanna hurry, you can collect 100 blic event cards and you can get Mean Joe Green DT with 96 overall.

If you are beginners and wanna collect some coins from here, then you can collect three Blic Event cards and put he in the Quick sell exchange or put he in the NFL Collectible packs.

So if you really wanna get some profits from this event, collect your stamina and play online Blic Event, and for this three days forget for anything other.

If you have much coins, you can buy five Black Friday sets in the Madden store. So, be quick.


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