How to beat Madden Mobile Domination, and get Gronk 99?

Ok, first of all, let me tell you few words about this event. Domination event is one of the most expensive event in Madden mobile. He worth 10 stamina for every try to beat it. It's pretty expensive but it worth. After Madden Mobile Gronk Glitch much people get Gronk for free, and its not fair for other users like me, but it still worth to play.

When Madden create this event, then his think that people play this event and get Gronk after few months play, and now we can tell this. You must won between 50 and 100 domination sets, and get same amount of Domination cards to collect cards and get Gronkowski.

I was playing  this event through BCA month, and request stamina for this event is 1, but this days is gone. I play about 60 or 70 Domination events through BCA week, and i get nothing. Now i have 18 cards, and play for last two, and i wait about month, and still get nothing.

But when i play offense Domination event i can win between 2 and 5 event s in 24 hours. There is a tips for win it.


Madden Mobile Domination Event

I have Cooks WR and Bush HB, and both him is so fast. On the first down i always play run action, and on the second, third and four down i play action like HB option, TE corner, Motion n shallow, Strong Flood. Good play is Slants route, WR and HB with high speed can be open for most time and this is good stuff to try. This is recipes for won Domination when you must make comeback.

Nice tip for make a comeback is, play run action like HB Pitch, and use a flip action. Play all run action and for 45 seconds, and with 3 timeouts, you can go to field goal range. If you score FG, you tie game, and in overtime you have a ball first. Then you have 3 minutes to score a TD. you can play run action for all plays, and at last you can score TD. This way is so slow for play, but worth it.

When you must shootout opponents, its little bit harder to win event and get card, but here is some stuff who help me to get cards. Most of CB and S with big overall don't have big Man Coverage, so i play Zone defensive action. On the first down i play Blitz action with coverage in secondary, and you must try this. If you have players with big man coverage and low zone coverage, you must play action with man coverage. I know we play with teams who have 86 offense overall, and he look like 102 overall but we need play if you wanna get really good Gronk who can grown up your team overall really fast, once when you get him.

If you are lucky you can get Gronk after 30 or 40 play Domination event, but i think that you must play about 100 or 200 times to collect all Domination card. This event is seasonal and you must understand this. If we all get Gronk on Gronk glitch, or get Gronk after one or two months then games don't have a sense in the last few months of the this madden season. So try everything, below you have a few videos about, and try this tips.

P.S if every single tips here can't help to win this event, then you must try get interception, and with your defense get pick six and win event :D Its stupid, i know, but if you can't win on different way, then try this.


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