Madden Mobile League Achievements and rewards

Madden Mobile League Achievements and rewards

Ok, madden players, if you see it, you know what i wanna say, but if you don't see, then you must read about new league stuff in Madden Mobile. It's about League Achievements. In the update from one months ago, Madden mobile include some great stuff in league mode. If you have League or play in good one, then you can expect really great prize for that. League is splitted in 7 different Tiers. For first Tier you must collect 50k with pass, 25k rush, and get 100 wins by league. Complete table of Tier you can read bellow.

Passing League:

Tier 1 - 50k - Pro Pack
Tier 2 - 100k - 6 Trophy Pack
Tier 3 - 200k - 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 - 250k - Premium Pack
Tier 5 - 500k - Legendary Pack
Tier 6 - 750k - Elite QB Pack
Tier 7 - 1m - LA Jerry Rice

Rushing League:

Tier 1 - 25K - Pro Pack
Tier 2 - 50k - 6 Trophy Pack
Tier 3 - 100k - 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 - 200k - Premium Pack
Tier 5 - 300k - Legendary Pack
Tier 6 - 500k - Elite Offensive Line Pack
Tier 7 - 750k - LA Emmitt Smith


Tier 1 - 100 wins - Pro Pack
Tier 2 - 200 wins - 6 Trophy Pack
Tier 3 - 500 wins - 1 Elite Trophy
Tier 4 - 750 wins - Premium Pack
Tier 5 - 1000 wins - Legendary Pack
Tier 6 - 1500 wins - Elite PR Pack
Tier 7 - 2500 wins - LA Devin Hester

If you have question about, there is a some answers for you, according to UpAndAMac forum member on Muthead forum.

What are League Achievements?
League Achievements are a set of goals attained by working with your league to hit the specific combined goals for Rushing Yards, Passing Yards and Season Wins.

What yardage counts toward League Achievements?
Seasons, Head-to-Head (both Regular and Friends), League Tournaments (LvL) and League Championships all give you yardage toward the rushing and passing achievements. Be aware, there seems to be a delay before the yardages update for all of these except for Seasons.

Can I change leagues and keep the yardage and win totals accumulated with my original league?
No. The totals stay with each specific league. Your totals will be that of whichever league you are currently in. Everyone in that league will have the same totals.

Can I earn the same reward with multiple leagues?
No. Each reward for each achievement is only able to be earned once.

Can I earn the Tier 7 rewards anywhere else?
It is believed that these can also be pulled from Pro Packs or from completing personal achievements which give a “Base Elite Player”

Why are the Tier 7 reward players not on the Auction House?
These players are NOT auctionable.

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