Madden mobile - Set Master Collectible
Madden mobile - Set Master Collectible


If you play Madden Mobile for a long time, you almost get every card for Mobile Masters set. You wanna get Odell Beckham Junior with 99 overall and with +5CAT and +5AWR for your team. And you really don't know how to get third Sets Master Collectible, then we have answer for you.4

If you don't know how get this card, there is a easy way for get this card. For this card you must complete 90 different sets in Madden mobile. Ok, we know that can be so hard. If you play live events, and complete sets like Daily Warm Up, that's one completed sets. Then you must complete 89 different sets. For two months play Madden mobile, you probably completed between 40 and 60 different sets, and you must complete between 50 or 30 different sets more.

In the Sets menu, on the Players section you have different sets like Players Set, and MVP sets. Players set is cheap way to complete 90 different sets in the season. Every team have one Players set. When you complete this set you get 2500 coins and one random base gold player. Every one completed this set is count like different set, and that's easy way to get 90 different sets in a season, and get third Set Master Collectible. This card with 13 H2H cards is hardest to get for this set.

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