Aaron Rodgers goes full throttle against the NFL with some really harsh words

On Wednesday, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers had extremely harsh words for the National Football League (NFL), accusing it of trying to 'bully' its players.

According to the quarterback, the League is setting a very bad precedent with its recent Al Jazeera investigation. But this is not the first time that Rodgers is coming at loggerheads with the NFL’s top management. In the latest case, as far as the iron fist of the League is concerned, the 32-year old Rodgers does have quite a unique perspective on the latest attempt by the NFL to seek for the suspension of several key players.

Most football players would not be bold enough to come out and give their views against the NFL, but that is not Rodgers. In fact, he had no problem at all calling the League’s top management out during the interview he had with Jim Rome on Wednesday.

The NFL has threatened to suspend two of Rodgers’ teammates, Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, former teammate Mike Neal, as well as James Harrison if they fail to cooperate with the ongoing Al Jazeera investigation by August 25th 2016.

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