None seems more frustrated in the NFL than Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Currently, no other player in the NFL appears to have had a rougher time than what Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Austin Seferian-Jenkins has gone through during the pre-season.

Despite having been picked in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft, his time at the league has not been as rosy as he had expected. When the 23-year old was selected, he had hoped to become the next big athletic pass-catcher who would go on to create a lot of matchup headache for his opponent team’s defenses.

However, two seasons later, the former college footballer at Washington finds himself almost completely stuck behind Cameron Brate and Luke Stocker on new Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter's lineup of pass-catchers.

Frustrations and disappointments emanating from his multiple injuries in the last two years notwithstanding, Koetter recently worsened the situation when he sent him off the field during the OTAs and remarked that the pass-catcher "didn't know what he was doing" in the field.

During a rain-soaked, disappointing game on Wednesday where the Buccaneers were beaten 20-13 by the Washington Redskins, Seferian-Jenkins’ frustration reached fever pitch. Following a bitter argument with the head coach on the sidelines, teammate and receiver Russell Shepard had to save the situation by separating the two before a potential fist-fight could occur.

When tempers have come down eventually, everyone hopes that Seferian-Jenkins could turn his 3rd year into a more productive season, and he has a lot of time to achieve that.

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