After toe surgery Cowboys’ La'el Collins set for injured reserve

The Dallas Cowboys have had a dominant offensive lineup this season, but now the solid attack is down one man: guard Laél Collins. According to Jerry Jones, La'el has had a surgical operation performed on his toe.

Earlier the 23-year old had the toe checked by three separate specialists, with none of them giving any guarantee that it would be healed properly without surgery.

According to insider sources at the Dallas franchise, the plan right now is for Collins to be placed on injured reserve. If this happens, Collins will be joining former starter Ronald Leary, who has been the odd man out since the Cowboys secured La’el as one of the highest rated undrafted free agent in 2015.

As he goes on IR, there is no confirmation whether or not La’el will be returning before this season is over. Indeed, thanks to the new guidelines on injured reserves, Dallas do not have to make an earlier declaration right now on who is going to be their designated return player until an injured player can be back for practice.

La’el Collins got his injury two weeks ago during a game against the Bears.

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