Top Five Tips on How to Get NFL Tickets without Breaking the Bank

1) Buy Tickets Directly from Your Team 

Before the economic recession of 2009, average NFL fans overlooked for season ticket holders. But then the latter became non-dependable. That's  when teams started boosting the attractiveness of season tickets with various perks to attract more fans. At the same time, they also began retaining more tickets just in case. Today, they’re also incorporating variable pricing and enhancing the management of their ticket inventories to ensure those buying from the team get better value for money spent. 

2) Be a Little Bit Patient 

Typically, sellers and re-sellers of NFL tickets will sell them at lower prices as the day of the match approaches. As NFL tickets get closer to their expiration dates, they tend to reduce in price as sellers strive to offload them and beat the deadline. But you should also be careful with NFL teams that perform better as the season progresses. In this case, higher demand for their tickets often pushes up their ticket’s prices.

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3) Make Prior Plans for the Big Games 

Tickets to matches pitting teams like the Patriots and Cowboys, Cowboys and Eagles, Steelers and Chargers remain expensive the entire period of selling and re-selling. So, if you’re planning to attend these matches, it's crucial to stay vigilant on price movement. Once in a while, you can’t lack a good deal. Do your homework well; set your alerts and notifications; visit multiple sites; be patient but diligent. 

4) Avoid Being Too Choosy 

The cost of tickets varies widely by both circumstance and the opposing team. Highly-followed and well-performing teams like the Packers, the Cowboys or the Seahawks often have games that are highly sought-after for the biggest part of the season. On the other hand, having the Buccaneers, the Browns or the Jaguars on your home schedule is an excellent opportunity to get affordable tickets. So, keep yourself updated on the opposition’s performance. 

5) Take a Trip Out of Town 

Make plans to watch a match away from home once in a while. For instance, back in 2014 Giants fans parted with an average of $112 per ticket when their team was playing in New York and $58 when playing in Jacksonville in 2015. Although an away match will also come with other costs like travel and accommodation in another city, I think it’s worth it. At least you also get a chance to a vacation out of town! 

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