After 18 years Woodson, finaly, pick off Payton Manning

Woodson and Manning on to the Heisman in 1997 (foto by AP)

After 18 years in NFL, and 62 INTs, and no one from Manning pass, former Heisman winner, finaly pick off Manning in yesterday game between Raiders and Bronchos. In 1997 Woodson won the Heisman and Manning finished second. Over the period of decade and a half long, Woodson have 62 INTs, picked in four time all pro, and in 2009 won defensive MVP. Maning, already, won fifth time NFL MVP, and bot players win Super Bowl rings.

Last week the 18-year veteran made an appearance on Tuesday's edition of Around The NFL and admitted he's been yearning to intercept Manning.

"It would be great, man. He's eluded me for 18 years," Woodson said. "It would be great. It would be even better if we could come out with the victory. But it would be great to get my hands on one of Peyton's balls."

While celebrating his 39th birthday last week, future Hall of Fame corner and safty, finaly, pick off Manning, for two times in Raiders game against Bronchos.

Contrary to theories, both players did not evaporate like ghosts who had finally found peace after the first pick.


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