Why Carolina Panthers dumped Josh Norman?

Why Carolina Panthers dumped Josh Norman?

You can't thinking about that you know all about football. In football everything is about money. Josh Norman know that, but Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson don't think in that way. So why the Panthers dumped Josh Norman.

Everyone's still scratching their head about the Carolina decisions to drop their CB superstar rather than try to negotiate with him. Why? You must look back to off-season last year when Patriots decide to not sign with Darell Revis.

In Football is all about money, but in some place must be a margin how much Mooney you can put on the table for some players. Something like last Patriots off-season, this year Panthers decide to dump his superstar. So what you can expect next?

Trough the last few years, Panthers was building his squad with good Draft selection. This year Carolina have a chance to get some good CB, and he can be a stable on CB position. After that, only logic things is drop the Josh Norman and save 14M$ in salary.

That scenario requires some psychological extrapolation on our part, but it's not far fetched, not as unusual as, say, rescinding the franchise tag on a player in mid-April.

Josh Norman sign with Washington Redskins

Washington is ready to make a push for Josh Norman. It's been a long time since Dan Snyder opened the wallet and threw ungodly amounts of money at a free agent. The 49ers are thought to be the other team with a viable shot to sign Norman.

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