New York Giants kicker Josh Brown gets a one-game suspension for violation of rules

On Wednesday, New York Giants kicker Josh Brown has been suspended for at least one game for his violation of the National Football League's personal conduct policy.

Although the communication was made by the NFL itself to the Giants, until the time of going to press, it was not clear what the 37-year old had done in violation of the conduct policy to warrant the suspension.

Even with the suspension, Brown will be eligible to take part in pre-season activities. However, he will not be able to return to the New York franchise's active roster until after the Giants have met the Dallas Cowboys on September 11th 2016.

On his part, Brown said that he does not agree with his latest suspension but will accept it, adding that he has exhausted all the appeals and does not have any other options to go for. He also said that he will wait for his suspension time to pass and return to active play and continue working hard for his team.

Brown has made 30 of his 32 kicks in the last NFL season alone. His coach Ben McAdoo says that the whole team has been supportive of Brown and will continue to do so, adding that everybody at the Giants accepts the NFL's decision to suspend Josh.

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