NFL Color Rush Uniforms for every NFL team

The NFL’s experiment with Color Rush uniforms last season went so well the league decided everyone should get in on the fun. Now all 32 teams will be stylin’ in one, signature color this year. Judging by the previews sent out by Nike and the NFL on Tuesday, some will do it better than others.

The NFL is touting the Color Rush campaign for Thursday Night Football as an opportunity to get the entire home city engaged.

Anyway, nice as the idea is of painting the city insert-your-team-color-here in a show of civic pride and unity, this is just more marketing savvy from the NFL.

If you don't like the Color Rush jerseys or any of these other newfangled trends, don't worry. Throwback games will be here before you know it.

In the gallery below you can check how look every color rush uniforms for every NFL team this year.

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