Week 8 pick'em: What we can expect in week 8


Week 8 is start with easy Pats win over Dolphins, and this is so easy week pick, but there is some big games and we wanna do this pick right.

Lions @ Chiefs

We dont konw why, but we belive in Detroit, and we think Lions can win this.

Giants @ Saints

Saints recent form is good and after lose in Atlanta, New Orleans have opportunity to win in his homeground. After good start Giants form slightly down. There can be good chance for Brees and Co to win, and make offseason dreams alive.

Cardinals @ Browns

Browns is a hot and cold team. With a questionable McCown, Cardinals can win this.

49ers @ Rams

With his performance against Seahawks, 49ers can't do much here. Rams is on 3-3 but in his dome he is beating Seatlle and he can do something like to 49ers.

Buccaneers @ Falcons

This is easy. Falcons is a Super bowl contenders, and this will be win for Falcons

Vikings @ Bears

In this rivalry recent form dont need show anything. If Cutler play good game, Bears can win this.

Bengals @ Steelers

Bengals have a good team, but this series of win can be stopped here. If Big Ben starts for Pittsburgh, then Steelers can win.

Chargers @ Ravens

Rivers is Leading QB in passing yards, but Chargers is in 2-6. This game against Ravens can change it.

Titans @ Texans

Mariota is out, and Mattenberg is in, this can be enough for Titans to grab win against Texans.

Jets @ Raiders

After lose against Pats, Jets look for going back on winning track. Raiders play better than last year but Jets is show off good potential, and he can do this.

Seahawks @ Cowboys

With/out Romo, Cowboys isnt the same team. Seahawks going to .500 after this game.

Packers @ Broncos

Out from his Lambeau, Packers isn't a same team, and with Manning, and recent defensive performance, we think that Broncos can go to 7-0

Colts @ Panthers

Panthers is in scary form, and he can beat anyone team here. Colts need Luck here, but Panthers can grab win.

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