Week 9 pick'em

Last week in pick'em we have 8-8, and this can't be good, but with season overal 65% we must believe that this week will be better. So if you pick up Bengals win over Browns, then we have some suggestion for you. This time we will be more serious in our predictions.

Redskins @ Patriots

Week trough the week Patriots show your potential, and everyone think that Patiots can grab another Super Bowl game. This week on Foxboro arrive Redskins who make some serious improvements between last and this season. But Patriots with Brady, Gronk, Edelman and other looks like a machine and you can expect win over Redskins this week.

Falcons @ 49'ers

There is a lot of problems in San Francisco. After Davies going to Denver, and after Kaepernick this week will not be a starter instead of Blaine Gabbert, chance for win over Falcon is low. Falcons is a Super Bowl contenders and with Ryan, Freman, Jones he can do it.

Giants @ Buccaneers

Both team is win last week, but Giants show a lot in game with Saints. This season Giants play very well, and he have playoff ambitions. If he wanna go in playoff he must win in game like this.

Broncos @ Colts

After last week and game with Packers, everyone is see what a defense Broncos have. He can stop Rodgers, he can stop Luck, he can stop Gore, he can stop everyone. In the last few game Colts doesn't show anything from last 11-5 season. Luck don't have a time in pocket, Luck have lot INTs this season and with this form we cant see Colts in off season.

Packers @ Panthers

Panthers have a great defense, but one-man team can't go straight season with all win. For the panthers this game will be a some kind of test where he can be in off season. In last week Packers lose in Denver, and Rodgers cant pass anything. But be seriously, Rodgers cant play two game in a row on performance like game in Denver. We expect great game for Packers, and first loss for Panthers.

Titans @ Saints

After poor performance on the season begin, Saints show his potential, and with shining win over Giants and record for Brees he go to game with poor Titans. If he wanna go to play of he must beat Titans.

Dolphins @ Bills

Bills win.

Raiders @ Steelers

Steelers win

Jaguars @ Jets

Jets win

Rams @ Vikings

Vikings win

Eagles @ Cowboys

Eagles win

Bears @ Chargers

Chargers win.

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